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Introducing the UpsideDAO

We believe shared ownership and community-centric organizations can increase the economic upside for individuals and private companies at the same time. The UpsideDAO enables anyone to participate in the upside typically reserved for founders, accredited investors, and VCs. Welcome to the future of organizations.

What is the UpsideDAO?

The UpsideDAO is an on-chain, community collaboration platform that enables private companies to transform their communities into DAOs and reward individuals with tokenized ownership. The DAO-ification of community facilitates meaningful collaborative work, continuous feedback, and a closer relationship between brands and communities. Distributing tokenized ownership transforms community members into vested and passionate ambassadors and contributors. 

How Does It Work?

The upsideDAO platform provides the infrastructure needed for private companies to tokenize ownership, create DAOs, and collaborate closely with their DAO-ified communities. Tracking and distributing ownership securely and at scale is made possible through blockchain tech. Community ‘managers’ are about to become exponentially more valuable to their organizations!

Use Case: Company XYZ

XYZ has a solid brand and a product people love. The company has broad demographic data about their customers, but they lack a strong community and growth has slowed. XYZ decides to join the UpsideDAO and allocates 4% of their cap table to the XYZ Community DAO. The XYZ community director invites all of their customers to join the DAO, and learns from passionate community members as they share valuable insights, submit proposals, and work on new ideas. The community organically grows and the UpsideDAO becomes a hub for real conversation and feedback. This feedback turns into actionable insights and leads to the development of a new product line, with ideas, designs, and marketing campaigns all led by members of the community DAO. The members of the DAO spread the word about their amazing opportunity to make an impact and earn tokenized ownership in return. The new product line is a massive success and increases the company’s revenue by 40%, leading to a substantial increase in shareholder value. 

How Does the UpsideDAO Benefit Private Companies? 

  • Creates real, meaningful connections between brands and their communities

  • Transforms communities into marketing armies

  • Increases customer loyalty and retention

  • Provides authentic content & PR

  • Organizes communities into productive workforces 

  • Provides valuable feedback in real time

  • Creates a funnel for hiring top talent 

  • Aligns the company’s mission with their community

  • Increased engagement, network effects, and valuation

  • Improved customer service at reduced costs

How Does the UpsideDAO Benefit Individuals?

  • Sense of belonging in a community & brand with purpose

  • Receive tokenized ownership & upside in private companies

  • Greater brand access and impact 

  • Increased flexibility to work on projects of interest 

  • Earn based on merit and contribution 


  • June 2022: Closed Alpha Launch

  • Sep 2022: Beta Launch: onboarding on a FCFS basis

  • Jan 2023: Public Launch at scale 

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